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Sweet like candy to my soul
2 July
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Much as I hate it, from now on this journal is Friend's Only :( If you want to be friended just ask. I'm not picky ^^

Artsy: I'm a girl with hidden wings. I am a not so quiet riot. I am a wind meant to stir long still branches. I am words come to life. Sometimes
Sometimes I am those long still branches. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see no wings. only a little girl with too high ambitions and an inability to move those who I wish to move. Sometimes I can not speak.
But I am always me. A furious rose. A song sometimes hard to hear, others loud enough to freeze you in your steps. But always a song none the less.

Reality: I'm a 20 year art/gamer/whoknows what girl who has by an odd and wonderful twist of fait found herself hopping around the country and has finally landed in the Seattle area of Washington.
I'm mainly a paper artist, working with collage mostly. However, I also dable in photography, painting, bookbinding and jewelry making. It's been a WACKY few months but things are finally settling down, plans are being made, there is joy in my life ^^ How 'bout that?

A warning, my journal is image intensive. I like proof of the world around me you see.

Places you can find me online:

I play World of Warcraft. I play World of Warcraft a LOT. Scarlet Crusade, the RP server is my home. Look up Elwyndrin... or any of the other 9 characters I play -.- and if you're a hordie I will Moonfire spammy you to death.

My child-self hangs out at Twinkler and Tigerhawk's Little Purple Board of Distruction where I spent time with people I've known for six years, fun stuff huh?

And for a touch of art (I know, can you believe it?) I lurk at Wet Canvas

I'm big on online communities.

Found Art!

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